Hide & Seek (Work in Progress)

This is my latest pencil drawing and its 40% completed (hence WIP). I am having trouble handling the dark shades of black. I had experimented with new tools and fairly happy with the result. Though I am loosing motivation to finish this one.... Hope I would complete it soon.
Sorry for the poor quality picture... I had taken this picture through my PC's webcam as I dont have a camera or scanner.
Comments/ feedback are most welcome to make this much better.
Cheers - DV


This is my recent pencil drawing. I got this picture while looking in a social organisation site. After looking at the picture I had immediately decided to draw this one. I am sure more than the drawing the subject is vital. Hope you guys like it....


This is my first attempt on portraits with pencils. Though It could have been much better with rich contrast... which I was not aware at that time. I would definetly wanted to try this once again while I am improving to benchmark myself.


I had worked on this one in December 2008 and I had
learned a lot while working on the hat.
moment but I now feel that this should had been much better. Anywayz... learning from each one of them. That's what matters isn't it?