Whose favourite drink???

Dear All,

Finally, I got chance to finish this one. hmmm!!! quite a long break after coming from India, but its never too late to start again. Its kinda absurd that very few of us have 'Water' as favourite drink, isn't it? Anywayz... I had decided to draw transparent object and thought glass of water would be ideal. Initially, I thought I would just draw glass of water. But while searching for some resource material, I had come across a great artist who had worked on this subject. Immediately, I had decided to rework on his idea as it will be good practice for me. I am fairly happy with the outcome and very happy with the scanning output (unlike old drawings shot by camera).

So folks leave your comments/ feedback on this one. I had already decided on the next work, but I would be taking a break before I start drawing, as I am busy preparing for SQL DBA (Thanks to my friend - Amit for training me :)

Tools used:
Bristol smooth 300 gsm board
Derwent 4B, 6B, 2H, 4H pencils
Ear buds for blending

I had spend 6 hours to finish this one.