Whose favourite drink???

Dear All,

Finally, I got chance to finish this one. hmmm!!! quite a long break after coming from India, but its never too late to start again. Its kinda absurd that very few of us have 'Water' as favourite drink, isn't it? Anywayz... I had decided to draw transparent object and thought glass of water would be ideal. Initially, I thought I would just draw glass of water. But while searching for some resource material, I had come across a great artist who had worked on this subject. Immediately, I had decided to rework on his idea as it will be good practice for me. I am fairly happy with the outcome and very happy with the scanning output (unlike old drawings shot by camera).

So folks leave your comments/ feedback on this one. I had already decided on the next work, but I would be taking a break before I start drawing, as I am busy preparing for SQL DBA (Thanks to my friend - Amit for training me :)

Tools used:
Bristol smooth 300 gsm board
Derwent 4B, 6B, 2H, 4H pencils
Ear buds for blending

I had spend 6 hours to finish this one.



Joy (Completed Version)

Dear All,

I had finished working on ‘Joy’ this afternoon. I am very happy with the outcome especially Scarf. This is the first time I had tried something like this…. thanks for all the encouraging comments & feedback (while WIP). I really wanted to complete this one before I go back home for 2 weeks. For those who don’t know… I will be in Hyderabad from 17th July 2009 – 3rd August 2009. I am looking forward to meet old some mates & Nishta - (My niece).

I had already decided on the next piece and this time I am planning to finish it little early. Please feel free to leave comments/ feedback/ ideas. I am really looking forward to improve.

Duration: 30hrs in 1 month

Tools used to draw:

Bristol Board 250 GSM Paper
2H, 2B, 10B & F Graphite Pencils
Blu Tac
Daler Rowney eraser
25-30 Ear Buds
12-15 Facial Tissues
Blending Stumps


Joy (Work in Progress)

Dear All,

This is my new work - Joy. Could not think of better name.... This is 70% completed and there is lot of work left on the scarf. I am happy with the progress so far. This is supposed to be a Birthday present to my friend but I guess its too late now.

I had spend approx. 25 hours on this piece. I will upload the completed version very soon.


Hide & Seek (Completed Version)

Dear All,

Finally, I had managed to finish Hide & Seek. Yesterday I went to my friend's place to take a snap from his Nikon D60 camera (which requires no intro on how good it is....) and very happy with the quality of the picture. I had learnt a lot with this piece as it helped me to understand how to control dark shades of black. I personally liked the eyes in blue color and I had used PRISMA COLOR PENCILS. I hope you guys also like it. Please leave feedback/ comments/suggestions.


Hide & Seek (Work in Progress)

This is my latest pencil drawing and its 40% completed (hence WIP). I am having trouble handling the dark shades of black. I had experimented with new tools and fairly happy with the result. Though I am loosing motivation to finish this one.... Hope I would complete it soon.
Sorry for the poor quality picture... I had taken this picture through my PC's webcam as I dont have a camera or scanner.
Comments/ feedback are most welcome to make this much better.
Cheers - DV


This is my recent pencil drawing. I got this picture while looking in a social organisation site. After looking at the picture I had immediately decided to draw this one. I am sure more than the drawing the subject is vital. Hope you guys like it....


This is my first attempt on portraits with pencils. Though It could have been much better with rich contrast... which I was not aware at that time. I would definetly wanted to try this once again while I am improving to benchmark myself.