Joy (Completed Version)

Dear All,

I had finished working on ‘Joy’ this afternoon. I am very happy with the outcome especially Scarf. This is the first time I had tried something like this…. thanks for all the encouraging comments & feedback (while WIP). I really wanted to complete this one before I go back home for 2 weeks. For those who don’t know… I will be in Hyderabad from 17th July 2009 – 3rd August 2009. I am looking forward to meet old some mates & Nishta - (My niece).

I had already decided on the next piece and this time I am planning to finish it little early. Please feel free to leave comments/ feedback/ ideas. I am really looking forward to improve.

Duration: 30hrs in 1 month

Tools used to draw:

Bristol Board 250 GSM Paper
2H, 2B, 10B & F Graphite Pencils
Blu Tac
Daler Rowney eraser
25-30 Ear Buds
12-15 Facial Tissues
Blending Stumps